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How Do I Reconnect With My Identity in Recovery?

Many people who struggle with substance use can feel like they have lost a sense of who they are over time. This can be due to so much of their time and energy being focused on acquiring or using drugs or alcohol. As a result, they may feel disconnected from their true identities. If this is your situation, it is crucial to understand that it is possible to rediscover your identity in recovery. 

The term identity means something a little different depending upon who you are. When some people think of their identity, they may think of their culture, background, or religion. Others may base their identity on their career, passions, or achievements. To rediscover your identity in recovery, it is important to spend some time reflecting upon your values and what matters most to you in life.

There may be some aspects of your identity that have changed since you have gotten sober while others have remained the same. Recovery allows you a fresh start to now become the person you’ve always wanted to be. At Sage Recovery, we can work with you as you take the first step towards your new sober life.

What Changes Might Happen to My Identity in Recovery?

There is no denying that struggling with active addiction can play a major role in how you perceive yourself and the world around you. Due to the damaging stigma surrounding addiction, it may have an impact on how others view you as well. It can be easy to want to believe negative stigmas about yourself, even after you’ve started your recovery journey. You may also be feeling some guilt or shame that you attribute to your identity as well.

Breaking free of these things can be difficult. However, being stuck in the past by holding onto labels that no longer apply to you can prevent you from growing and moving forward. It is possible to reach a point of acceptance that while addiction is something that has played a role in your life, there is much more to your identity beyond that. Past mistakes do not define who you are today or who you are hoping to be in the future.

Part of rediscovering your identity in recovery can involve low self-esteem how you’ve found yourself in the past, how you view yourself now, and how you would like to view yourself in the future.

How Should I Go About Finding My Identity in Recovery Again?

If you are looking for a place to start when it comes to rediscovering your identity again, consider asking yourself these important questions about your past substance use. First, how did you view yourself when you were struggling with active addiction? Maybe you struggled with low self-esteem and didn’t have the time, energy, or confidence to pursue some of your goals. Or possibly you dismissed these goals, telling yourself, “I can’t accomplish that because of my addiction.

Now that you have begun your recovery, you no longer have to rule out any of your dreams. Anything you want to accomplish is possible. Keeping that in mind, ask yourself a second question: How do you want to view yourself now and as you progress further in recovery?

Maybe this is an answer that you can answer quickly and easily. For example, maybe you want to be the best parent you can possibly be for your children. Maybe you want to be a college graduate or achieve a certain career. All of these things can play a key role in what you want your identity to become.

How Can Trying New Hobbies Help Me Find My Identity in Recovery?

If you felt like you were lost in addiction for a long time, it may take some time for you to rediscover who you are again. One of the best ways to do this is by not being afraid to try new things. Keep in mind that things that may one day become your greatest passions could be things you’ve not yet tried.

Maybe there is a skill that you have always wanted to learn or a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Now is the time to put yourself out there and try these new things that may have been put on the back burner before now. This could be learning a new language, taking a particular class, or volunteering for an organization that you’ve always been passionate about.

Doing these things not only allows you to explore your interests but can also help you meet other people who share the same interests as you do. This can be a great way to build new, positive friendships.

If you don’t yet feel like you have a good understanding of what your identity in recovery looks like, our team at Sage Recovery can help you find it.

When you’re struggling with active addiction, it can feel like you are simply existing instead of truly living. You may be going through the motions and getting through the day, but you’re not truly thriving in the way that you deserve. By achieving sobriety, a world of opportunity is opened to you. Nothing is holding you back from accomplishing any dreams that you may have. If you are ready to get started, our team at Sage Recovery is here for you. We’ll help you take this big step forward and begin an exciting new journey that will transform your life. Call (512) 306-1394 today to learn more about our services.