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Provider FAQ

How do I get brochures or information on your program to hand out to my clients?

Contact us at and we will have brochures sent to your office. We have a digital brochure for our outpatient wellness center here. A digital brochure for the Villa is coming soon.

Do you offer mental health services or are you substance use primary?

Yes! In our outpatient wellness center we offer individual counseling from children to adults, couples & family counseling, DBT skills groups, mental health intensive outpatient programs for both adults and adolescents and psychiatric medication management. Clients can also come for our wellness services such as yoga, qi gong and acupuncture detoxification whether they take part in other services or not.

How do I know if my client needs treatment for substance abuse?

If your client wishes to cut down or quit using any addictive substance we can assist them in this journey.

Would you like a Q&A session with a qualified substance use specialist to help your office better understand screening for substance misuse?  Call us at 512-306-1394 to schedule a session. Otherwise, have your client call and schedule an assessment with one of our master’s level clinicians today.

How do I refer a client to Sage?

Either you or your client can call the main number at: (512) 306-1394 and follow the prompt for new patients or ask to speak to an admissions specialist today.

Do you accept insurance?

Sage Recovery & Wellness Center, our outpatient wellness center, is in network with several insurances. Sage Recovery Villa is an out of network provider, however, many clients have good out of network benefits so have them give us a call or have them enter their benefits here for us to verify and speak to them about what their plan covers.

We also work with a treatment lender who loans money for treatment, whether they plan to use it at Sage, they can apply here.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Contact our office at (512) 306-1394.

How will I receive updates on my clients and how often?

That is completely up to you and will be a question that the client’s therapist will ask you when they start our program.  If you prefer weekly updates or simply an update at the end of the treatment, we will cater this to your request and not overwhelm your inbox with information you don’t want. The therapist will also ask you if you prefer updates via fax or phone call.  We will automatically notify you if the client discharges without completing the program.

If I refer my client to your program, will they stop seeing me?

We consider other providers an important extension of the client’s treatment team. If our client is in our residential program, we will update the provider and schedule the client to return to their individual therapist upon their return. If the client is in intensive outpatient programming, we require them to continue individual therapy in programming and if they have a current therapist, do not suggest they switch to someone else.

Why does the client need to see an individual therapist when in IOP? Does it have to be a therapist at your center?

During the group therapy portion of the intensive outpatient program, things will come up for the client that can’t be deeply addressed in a group therapy setting.  These things are better left to be addressed one-on-one.  In addition to this, we highly encourage the client not abruptly end their treatment at the end of the Intensive Outpatient Program and to continue their treatment on an individual basis.  The client does not have to use one of our therapists, and can work with whatever individual therapist they see as a good fit. If they already have a therapist they are working with, we encourage them to continue individual therapy with their current therapist.

For the adolescent IOP program, what is the requirement of the parents or legal guardians?

Parents and/or legal guardians are required to attend Multifamily Group weekly from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

What are the other requirements of the Intensive Outpatient Program?

We have several tracks for our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), each with sightly different requirements, depending on client population. All of our IOP programs require that clients are working with an individual therapist, and continue working with their psychiatrist or physician for their unique health issues and medication management. It is expected that all clients attend group sober and on time. Clients are permitted to miss up to three absences, over the 21-session program. Any missed sessions will be completed at the end of treatment, potentially extending out the client’s time for an additional week. Attending weekly yoga therapy, and acu detox or qi gong are a required part of IOP programming.

For our substance use tracks, all clients are additionally expected to complete random urine analysis toxicology screens and attend at least seven community-based sober support group meetings while enrolled in IOP.

For our adolescent tracks, parent and/or legal guardian involvement is required weekly from 6:00-8:00pm. An initial orientation session and treatment plan meetings will also occur as a required part of adolescent programming.

Do you offer Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)?

We plan to have our program launched by the end of the Summer 2019! We will start with substance use primary adults and will add additional programs in the future.