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Outpatient Services

The holistic and trauma-informed services at Sage Recovery and Wellness Center are designed to allow for a custom-built individualized treatment plan ranging from a structured and intensive program to services chosen a la carte style all with the same thing in mind: provide the level and type of support that best fits your treatment needs. We meet clients where they are at and affirm their self-identified goals for treatment. The therapeutic modality underpinning our outpatient services is Dialectical Behavior Therapy which promotes autonomous regulation of emotions through tangible skills and mindfulness practices. At Sage Recovery, we believe clients are simply doing the best they can with the knowledge and skills they currently possess, and our outpatient services aim to equip individuals with a greater understanding of self and their environment in order to foster feelings of empowerment. We also believe that our clients may not have caused all their problems, but they do have a responsibility to respond in a healthy way to solve them. Our holistic and trauma-informed outpatient services incorporate many other modalities such as EMDR, CBT, ACT, Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement and others. Additionally, Sage Recovery understands that all recovery journeys to wellness are unique and flexibility is necessary. We offer opportunities for clients to explore different recovery models and do not rigidly impose one method over another.


To learn more about our specific treatments, view our adult treatments, or our adolescent treatments.