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Top Recovery Program for Business Professionals

Recovery for Business Professionals

We know not everyone can step away and unplug for 35 days to complete Recovery Programs for Business Professionals. Here at Sage Recovery, we don’t want business needs to be a barrier to treatment and we have found a way to support our clients in their careers while ensuring they receive and focus on our clinical programming and recovery.

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Through the Business Professional Program, our primary goal is to make sure you can focus on your recovery while maintaining the work necessary to ensure your total success upon completing the program. We aim to support our Business Professional clients in their work-related responsibilities, without interfering with the structured clinical programming and overall residential treatment experience. At Sage Recovery Villa, you can do both.

We offer time specifically for business professionals to facilitate attorney or business meetings, conference calls, video-conference sessions, in-person meetings, arrange for notaries and more. Because each client in this program has different work-related needs, a discussion occurs during the admissions process to begin creating a customized work program to fit the needs of the client and maintain the clinical value of the program.

Our sensitivity to this issue arose from the experience of our own President and founder, Tiffany Anschutz of Sage Recovery and Wellness when she was working to get a family member into treatment.

Her relative, an executive at a Fortune 500 company, was navigating a particularly demanding time for his corporation when the need to seek treatment reached a critical level. Tiffany knew her relative would not – or rather, could not meaningfully participate in treatment if he was deprived access to and contact with his company. With this in mind, Tiffany went in search of a facility that could cater to his needs while also providing a transformative experience that would lay the groundwork for long-term sobriety and healing.

While Tiffany was ultimately able to negotiate the necessary concessions with a high-end treatment center to meet her relative’s business and treatment needs, the arrangement did not come easily, or without organizational difficulty.

Tiffany saw firsthand that work should not need to deter someone from recovery. Thus, when she opened the doors to Sage Recovery Villa, the Business Professional Program was born.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand the demands of your professional life. Our program offers flexible scheduling options to ensure you can attend essential business meetings and meet work deadlines while actively participating in your recovery process.

Private Workspaces

To support your business needs, Sage Recovery Villa provides private workspaces equipped with all necessary amenities, including high-speed internet and office supplies. These spaces are available for you to conduct business activities without disrupting your treatment schedule.

Discreet Services

Privacy is paramount for our clients, especially business professionals. We ensure that all communications and business activities conducted on our premises are handled discreetly to maintain confidentiality and protect your professional reputation.

Professional Networking Support

We facilitate networking opportunities with other business professionals in the program. This can provide mutual support and understanding from peers who are also managing their careers while focusing on recovery.

Customized Treatment Plans

Each client’s journey to recovery is unique. During the admissions process, we work with you to create a customized treatment plan that integrates your professional responsibilities, ensuring you receive the clinical care you need without compromising your work commitments.

Aftercare Planning

Our commitment to your recovery continues even after you leave our facility. We offer comprehensive aftercare planning that includes strategies to maintain work-life balance, ongoing support, and resources to help you stay on the path to long-term sobriety.

Comprehensive Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs, including fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness training, are designed to enhance your overall well-being. These programs can improve your productivity and stress management skills, benefiting both your recovery and professional performance.

Contact Information for Admissions

For more information or to start the admissions process, please contact our dedicated admissions team. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to help you begin your journey to recovery.

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