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Treatment Specialties

Through a trauma-informed approach, Sage Recovery utilizes holistic treatment to address core mental health struggles at the root of an individual’s substance use.

Co-occurring disorders or “Dual Diagnosis”

At Sage Recovery Villa, our expertly trained therapists are equipped to work with a wide range of mental health issues, moving beyond the treatment of only substance use disorders. Coming from the framework that long before substance use was the problem, it was the solution, we believe that substance use is often a symptom of a deeper, more pervasive struggle.

While in treatment, clients will explore the development of their substance use, seeking a better understanding for their use, while working to replace maladaptive behaviors with healthier, constructive behaviors. Clients will begin to understand the relationship between their substance use and other mental health struggles, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. We specialize in co-occurring disorder treatment, working with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and trauma-related disorders.


Being a trauma-informed program means that we understand the neurological, biological, psychological and social effects of trauma. We understand that the likelihood of individuals having experienced trauma at some point in their life is high and those traumatic experiences impact an individual’s ability to seek help and sustain recovery. The effects of trauma can be pervasive and often color the way an individual experiences the world.

Trauma-informed care is person-centered, recognizing that traditional approaches may re-traumatize individuals and strengths-based, focusing on improving an individual’s overall well-being. We apply this understanding in all aspects of care. Every member of our team, from the chefs to the tech staff, are trained in understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of trauma. All staff have a fundamental understanding of mental health and substance use disorders so that clients are in the hands of well-informed and passionate professionals for the entirety of their stay.

Should unresolved trauma surface during treatment, our therapists are prepared to employ evidenced based trauma-specific modalities and interventions to appropriately address thoughts and feelings that are impacting recovery.

Holistic and Innovative

At Sage Recovery Villa, we know that one size doesn’t fit all for treatment. We utilize a wide array of therapeutic modalities, to ensure that we discover together what approach truly resonates with each client. Instead of looking solely at an individual’s addiction, we view healing from a total wellness approach, working with mind, body, and spirit.

There are countless ways to live a life of recovery and wellness, and while at Sage Recovery Villa, clients can determine which path is right for them. Sage Recovery Villa utilizes several 12-step alternative approaches, to broaden the scope of addiction treatment and introduce new paths to recovery.

Our core curriculum, created from evidence-based and trauma-informed practices, includes exposure to a variety of holistic and individualized treatment approaches, designed to mirror the unique complexity of each individual’s recovery situation. Our clinical approaches range from traditional to innovative and can include things like process therapy, psychoeducation, meditation, qigong, group fitness, dietitian-planned meals,  acupuncture, yoga, and equine-assisted therapy. There are additional optional holistic services such as Personal Training, Nutrition Evaluation and Consultation, Reiki, and other personalized wellness services such as massage, full body acupuncture and chiropractic services.

Research in the field of dual diagnosis treatment is continually evolving. It is the clinical team’s goal to stay current with the latest best practices so that our clients are receiving the most efficacious treatment.