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Aftercare (Post-Residential Treatment)


Residential treatment is a crucial step in the journey towards a life of recovery. The process of self-growth and discovery often begins with residential treatment, and continues with a realistic step-down program. It’s often said that after treatment, the real work begins.

Our goal is to set individuals up for success. Because of that, we recognize that a realistic aftercare plan is absolutely essential for continued success. While in treatment, clients will work on developing a detailed aftercare plan for themselves, looking at factors such as continuing with individual or family therapy, finding sober support meetings, attending intensive outpatient group therapy, assessing for the need of sober living, building a healthy support network, continuing their wellness routine, and the importance of practicing daily self-care. When an individual graduates our program, the client and client’s family will walk away with a practical and personalized 12-month aftercare plan. We make a plan, because life is too important to “wing it”.

For individuals who are local and want to continue their path of wellness with a similar treatment philosophy, transitioning to our Austin-based outpatient location, Sage Recovery & Wellness Center, is a seamless switch. At our outpatient location we offer intensive outpatient group therapy, peer-led alumni meetings, several weekly aftercare groups, individual, couples, and family therapy, acu detox, yoga therapy, and qigong.