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Transformation Tuesday

Each week Sage will be highlighting recovery transformations. We look forward to spreading messages of hope, strength, and courage. Please feel free to send us your stories of hope and recovery. My name is Stephanie. I am over the marketing for both Sage Recovery Villa (our Residential Treatment Center in Manor) and Sage Recovery & Wellness (our outpatient Wellness Center in Westlake). If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I would be now, this is not it. You see, I was sent away for my first time at the ripe age of 12. Already struggling with addiction, anger, and depression, I spent many of my early teen years in some form of treatment. I got clean from drugs in my early 20’s but continued with alcohol almost to my death. At 38 years old I was done. I had tried on my own for 15 years to quit drinking. I could not make it past 7 days sober. Not once in 15 years. I was tired of failing. I was suicidal, miserably defeated, and in a toxic relationship. My children were falling apart and I was the cause of it all. Self-sabotage was not a word but a way of life. After a near-death experience, I called my oldest daughter to take me to rehab on February 27th, 2014. I spent 39 days in detox and treatment. My detox almost killed me and woke up a liver disease I had always had. I spent my first 3 years in recovery fighting for my life. It was harder than anything I have ever done. Once I won the battle with my liver, I then started the painstaking process of rebuilding my life after addiction. My son and I started from scratch in a tiny camper trailer and slowly created a new life. With weekly therapy, meetings, sponsors, friends, and family I would win my life back. Only better than I could ever imagine. Marketing and sales have always been my passion. The money, the skill sets, the “look at me”. I had chosen not to go back into that field after I got sober. But then came Sage! I am proud to market for them. To bring people to treatment. To help those who feel hopeless and alone, know that they are not. I love sharing my story along with the 100’s of other stories of hope every week. My son and I travel, adventure, and live a very different life than anything we have ever known. I am engaged to marry my best friend and have an amazing job. We feed the homeless, take friends to detox, and constantly try to spread the message of hope that is recovery. My passion now is recovery. Full recovery from addiction. Helping others see that this can be done. I am grateful every day for my struggles. Recovery is the best gift you can give your self. If you are struggling, please reach out. I promise it gets better. 512-831-8006