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The Importance of Recovery for Business Professionals

Addiction interferes with everything important in your life, from your family to your health. You may find yourself struggling to even maintain basic life necessities. Substance abuse can also inevitably impact your career, especially if you are a business professional. 

Addiction Will Not Wait for Your Career

If you have ascended to an important position within your organization, you likely exercised a tremendous amount of willpower. Success takes hard work and discipline, and it also can involve sacrifice. Your sacrifice might’ve taken the form of spending less time with the people you care about. You might be engaging less in the activities you enjoy. Sacrifice may also mean you are not minding your health as you should. It’s easy to push your wellness to the side, but this just leaves room for underlying issues to grow.

One way that you might neglect your health is by letting your addiction go untreated. You might think that it is just not the right time to seek treatment and that you can do it another time. Unfortunately, addiction does not play by your rules. It will not follow your timeline. The best time to seek treatment is now.

Stress, Addiction, and Co-Occurring Disorders

Maintaining an important role carries with it a significant amount of stress. Between meeting deadlines and keeping clients happy, you have a lot on your plate. This creates the ideal environment for addiction to thrive. Stress is tied to addiction, as substances are often used as a coping strategy for stress. Self-medicating stress can lead to emotional and physical dependence on substances. Furthermore, stress interferes with the part of the brain that controls impulses. A lack of impulse control further links stress and addiction, as addiction stems from difficulty inhibiting impulses.

The stressful environment of business professionals puts you at a unique risk of developing an addiction. Coping with both work stress and untreated substance use disorder (SUD) generates even more stress, which can create a cycle that ensnares you. Stress reinforces addiction, and addiction reinforces stress. Without intervention, your situation can get out of control. Your career will not benefit from poor performance caused by substance use. Seeking treatment is the best thing you can do for your personal and professional health. 

If you are living with SUD, it is likely that it is not the only thing you are struggling with. Co-occurring or comorbid disorders are common in people experiencing substance abuse. These include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental health disorders. Poor overall mental health can exacerbate addiction and make it even harder to cope with. This is why it is important to address both your mental health and addiction through treatment rather than trying to deal with both on your own.

Sage Recovery’s Unique Approach for Business Professionals

If you hold a demanding and high-ranking position, stepping away from it all to pursue treatment is something you might not even be able to consider. When you have so much responsibility in an organization, leaving for 30 to 45 days for a traditional residential program might create instability for yourself, your coworkers, and your clients. At Sage Recovery, we understand that you cannot put your career on hold. We also understand how important it is to seek effective and timely treatment. There are enough barriers that keep people from accessing the treatment they need. We are dedicated to eliminating at least one of these. 

For this reason, we offer a program specifically tailored to business professionals. While our traditional residential program is 35 days, we have made adjustments to ensure you are not away from your work obligations for that entire time. You can still receive the residential treatment experience and its many benefits while having designated time carved out to keep up with work. As such, you can participate in essential meetings that are either in-person or virtual. 

We offer two tracks for business professionals that differ in how much you will need to stay connected to work during treatment. The first track is for professionals who expect to spend no more than seven hours a week on work obligations. An alternate track is for business executives who anticipate their needs being closer to 15 hours a week. 

Once you finish up what needs to get done, you can return to treatment seamlessly. You don’t need to worry about sacrificing the quality of treatment. Our program allows you to access the same treatment resources as if you were in the normal residential program. You will still be able to participate in program offerings like individual and group therapy, holistic wellness groups, and fitness activities.

We will work with you and your employer to develop a plan suited to your specific needs. Our program can accommodate you in hosting meetings at our facility. We can also provide transportation to meetings at other locations, as needed. Our focus is on your recovery and your ability to still contribute to your career. We will support you in the ways that work best for you.

Sage Recovery understands how important your career is to you. We also understand that addiction needs to be treated appropriately in order to increase your chances of a successful recovery. Treatment and your career can seem mutually exclusive. This might push you away from pursuing recovery. You might be hoping for a better time and think you can just will away your addiction until then. Unfortunately, you will come to realize that addiction is not convenient. We have taken these concerns into account and developed a residential treatment program specifically for business professionals who need to balance work and treatment. Call us at (512) 306-1394 to learn how to start your recovery without sacrificing your career.