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The Importance of Proper Self-Care While in Recovery

It is easy to get so busy that you may find yourself rushing from one thing to the next simply trying to keep up with your daily responsibilities. Yet, if you are not making time for proper self-care regularly, you are likely going to find yourself feeling drained and unmotivated. Therefore, making time for self-care is crucial to your overall mental health and well-being. Proper self-care while in recovery is particularly important. 

Self-care can look different from person to person. It involves doing whatever is necessary to prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Self-care is important not only for your health but for your overall mood and happiness as well. Proper self-care while in recovery from substance use can play a role in preventing a potential relapse. 

At Sage Recovery, we believe that self-care should be included in everyone’s long-term treatment plan in recovery. 

Understanding Why Self-Care While in Recovery Is So Important

Mental health and the recovery journey are closely connected. Staying in tune with your mental and emotional health by checking in with yourself is very important in avoiding cravings. It is also very important for practicing good stress management, a crucial aspect of avoiding relapse. If you aren’t making proper time for yourself, keeping up with these things is going to be difficult. 

Imagine trying to pour water from an empty glass; it would be an impossible task. This is similar to trying to put your full energy and focus into your day without first taking some time to rest and recharge. Trying to do anything to the best of your ability is made all the more difficult without making time for self-care. 

If you have been slacking on your self-care for a while, you will likely begin to recognize the consequences. Maybe you are feeling more irritable and less patient with people. On the other hand, maybe you are having trouble staying focused, managing stress, and making good decisions. You could even be experiencing physical symptoms like low energy, poor-quality sleep, or weight gain. 

No matter how hectic and jam-packed your daily schedule may be, it is still important to block off some time for self-care. It might not even be more than 15 minutes a day. You might have to wake up a little bit early or go to bed a little bit later to make time for it, but the sacrifice will be well worth it. Truly commit to this time every day and view it just as important as any other aspect of your routine. 

Self-Care While in Recovery: Discovering What Works for You

Maybe you want to incorporate more self-care into your daily life but aren’t sure where to start. Consider what sort of activities tend to make you feel the most fulfilled, recharged, or rejuvenated. This might include spending quality time with friends and family. It may also include taking part in a hobby or some sort of activity that you are passionate about. 

Now, think about how you make more time for these things within your daily routine. Maybe you don’t have time to see certain friends or family as often as you would like, but perhaps you do have the ability to schedule a quick daily phone call or Zoom session to check in with them. This can be a very valuable form of self-care that you look forward to each day. 

If you are new to your recovery, you might be particularly interested in getting your physical health back on track. Taking care of your physical health and fitness can be part of your daily self-care routine. This could involve:

You might also consider trying a new activity that will make it easier for you to prioritize this aspect of health. For example, it could be joining a gym, taking an exercise class, or signing up for cooking lessons. 

Don’t be afraid to try out different things until you find out what works for you. Once you find what works, you may be surprised by just how much joy and fulfillment it adds to your life. 

Other Forms of Self-Care in Recovery

The activities that you may do as part of your self-care routine may vary daily. Some additional ideas of self-care to try include: 

At Sage Recovery, we can work with you to help determine what forms of self-care might work best for you. 

Making sure to prioritize self-care is not selfish. Instead, it is simply making sure to take care of yourself so that you can put your best foot forward every day. It doesn’t matter what stage of your life you are in or how busy you may be. Self-care should still be a part of your routine, especially if you are in recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, there is help available. Our team at Sage Recovery can help you to take your life back today. Give us a call at (512) 306-1394 to learn more about the different types of programs that we provide.