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Manage Holiday Stress with This Simple Activity

Family get togethers, shopping, social activities and mile long checklists. The holiday season can be overwhelming to anyone. Amidst all of the celebrations, family gatherings and work parties, the bottles of wine are frequently flowing. There is alcohol almost everywhere during the holiday season. Many turn to alcohol when wanting to celebrate but also in order to shift moods or destress.

Whether you are in recovery or simply find the holiday season or family interactions stressful, alcohol can increase anxiety, decrease healthy sleep patterns and inadvertently compound the existing stress, so we wanted to provide a technique we find helpful during stressful times.

Many studies in the recent years have shown mindfulness-based therapies emotional regulation skills and overall mental wellbeing. At Sage, we believe this so strongly that we incorporate it into our programs.

One regular, yet simple practice of mindfulness, is mindful breathing, so we have provided a practice recommended by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

Mindfulness Excercise

Mindfulness activities can be a very helpful tool during this upcoming holiday season. Incorporating this into your daily schedule, not just during the holiday season, will help support your mental health when any stressful event arises. If you would like further assistant in improving your mental health, contact us today.