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Celebrating a Sober Spring Break

It’s that time of year when many high school and college-aged students are talking about getting ready for spring break. For many more, summer vacation is also right around the corner. Especially in recent years, heavy substance use seems to play more and more of a role in the way a lot of young people choose to celebrate these times of the year. While it may not be discussed often enough, there are many different benefits associated with enjoying a sober spring break.

Maybe you are currently on your own recovery journey, or maybe you are simply choosing to be alcohol-free for any number of personal reasons. If this is your case, you may be wondering if it is even possible to get through spring break while staying sober. In reality, if you have a solid plan and surround yourself with people who support you, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a sober spring break.

At Sage Recovery, we believe that a strong support system plays a very important role in achieving and maintaining sobriety. At our facility, you will have the opportunity to build that support system while forming meaningful relationships with others who share your desire to stay sober. 

“This spring break may look a lot different than those you’ve had in the past”

A Sober Spring Break: Coming up With a Plan

It is very important to come up with a plan ahead of time while getting ready for sober spring break. This involves figuring out where you’ll be going, what type of activities you’ll be doing, and how you’ll handle any potential triggers you may face. Knowing what to expect can help you to feel more confident as you prepare for your trip. It can also help you to really make the most of your vacation.

If you’re just starting your recovery journey, this spring break may look a lot different than those you’ve had in the past. You won’t be spending your time bar hopping or having wild nights at a club. However, because of this, you will have more time to make much more meaningful memories. You’ll able to have new adventures and try exciting new activities you might not have had time or energy for in the past.

If you’re looking for fun ideas to spend your sober spring break, consider the following options:

Remember to also have a backup plan if you unexpectedly find yourself in a situation you’re not comfortable with. Maybe this means calling a friend to come pick you up or reaching out to your sponsor if necessary. While it may be hard to plan for every possible outcome you may encounter, having a backup plan can keep your mind at ease.

sober spring break

A Sober Spring Break: Surrounding Yourself With Supportive People

Consider the type of people that you’ll be surrounding yourself with during your sober spring break. These should be people who are at least respectful and encouraging of your recovery, even if they are not currently sober themselves. Most importantly, these should be people who are not going to try to pressure you to drink or do anything that would jeopardize your recovery. Ideally, they will also be people who will keep you accountable as you go about this journey.

If you don’t have a group of supportive people available to join you, consider reaching out to those within your local 12-Step support group. Chances are that there are others out there also looking to get a group together for a sober spring break.

A Sober Spring Break: Practicing Self-Care and Being Mindful

Your routine may be a little different than normal as you enjoy spring break, but make sure to still make time for self-care. This is very essential in protecting your mental health and your sobriety. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, make time for exercise, and eat as nutritiously as you can. Even on spring break, taking those steps to care for yourself is still important.

Perhaps even more importantly, don’t be afraid to take some time to yourself to unwind. Take a walk by yourself, spend some time meditating, or do whatever is necessary to de-stress. Make sure to stay mindful of your energy levels and different emotions. If you do find yourself struggling, reach out for help as soon as possible.

At Sage Recovery, we want to help you make sober memories that will last a lifetime. We are here to support you.

For many college students, partying and heavy alcohol use is simply a way of life. During spring break especially, it can quickly get out of control. However, just because something has been so normalized doesn’t mean that it is healthy or safe. Maybe this type of lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you but you find yourself constantly surrounded by it. Similarly, maybe you want to live a sober lifestyle but just don’t know where to begin. It may even be unrealistic while still living in a college environment. Yet, no matter what stage of life you’re in, living a sober lifestyle is possible and it comes with many benefits. Call Sage Recovery at (512) 306-1394 to learn more.