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3 Ways Group Therapy Can Help You Heal

Struggling with addiction can be a very isolating experience. This is often because people internalize what they are going through and don’t open up about their struggles with others. It is not until you begin the recovery journey that you can experience all the many benefits of healing alongside the support of other people. Group therapy can help establish a sense of community and connection, which are both very important in recovery. 

At Sage Recovery, we believe that group therapy is a great way to promote lasting healing and establish meaningful connections. We also believe that it is a great way to overcome the isolation of addiction, learn from others, and eventually help other people. Nobody should have to go through this struggle on their own. There is help available to you if you simply take the time to seek it out. 

How Group Therapy Can Help You Overcome Isolation

It is because of internal shame and guilt that many people keep the struggle of their addiction to themselves. Maybe you are worried that people close to you would view you differently if they knew. On the other hand, maybe you simply think that nobody would truly understand what you are going through. Unfortunately, it is because of these feelings that isolationist tendencies and feelings of loneliness often develop. 

In recovery, things that you once had to work so hard to keep secret can finally be brought to light. This can feel like a massive boulder being lifted from your shoulders because you don’t have to carry this burden anymore. Through group therapy, you can finally open up about everything you have been going through and you don’t have to worry about judgment or repercussions. At these meetings, you will find a judgment-free, completely anonymous, and safe environment where you can share your experiences and feelings openly and honestly. 

Group therapy can help the sense of isolation you may have been dealing with slowly fade away as you recognize that you are no longer alone. You have people who can support you. This support can come in the form of advice, a listening ear, or simply feeling connected to others who understand what you are going through. 

How Group Therapy Can Help You Learn From Others

One thing you will discover through your recovery is that everyone is at a different place within their recovery. This doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else. However, it may make some people better able to answer questions or offer advice to newcomers. Group therapy can help you to learn from other people who may been on this path for a longer period than you have. 

You will discover that there is no perfect path when it comes to recovery and that mistakes are often simply a part of the journey. Yet, through the support of your peers, you can learn how to dust yourself off and keep moving forward when you have setbacks. There is nobody that you will meet within the recovery community that has never faced an obstacle of some kind. Thus, they may be able to provide you with useful advice on how to overcome these obstacles if they come your way. 

Group therapy can help you discover that some struggles you may have thought were only personal to you have been experienced by a lot of other people as well. You can be encouraged by the fact that if they got through it, you can too. 

Maybe there are people in your life, such as friends and family, who truly want to support you in your recovery. However, if they have never been through recovery before, they may have trouble relating to you or knowing how to help. In this case, group therapy is a very useful resource because those you encounter will be able to connect directly to what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing in recovery.

How Group Therapy Can Help You Foster Healing in Others

When you first begin your recovery journey, things may feel very new and even a little overwhelming. You might not know what to expect from what is to cope. However, the longer that you are in recovery and the more group therapy meetings you go to, the more comfortable you are going to be. Before long, sharing during these meetings won’t seem intimidating at all. 

Part of feeling more comfortable at group therapy meetings just takes time. Eventually, if you choose to stick with it, you may even reach a point in your recovery when you will be ready to help other people. For example, maybe you will be able to offer a few words of advice to someone who is attending a group therapy meeting for the first time. In addition, maybe you will even consider acting as a sponsor to someone else. At Sage Recovery, we believe that group therapy allows those in recovery to help both themselves and others, working collectively to establish and sustain lasting healing from addiction and other mental health concerns.

Going through addiction alone can be a very isolating experience. If this is something that you are going through, know that you don’t have to continue this journey on your own. Recovery is an experience that is meant to be shared with others. You need a support system to encourage you and lift you up in times of difficulty. They can provide a listening ear and advice whenever you need it. If you are ready to enjoy the support that comes through recovery but don’t know where to start, Sage Recovery can help. Reach out to our team at (512) 306-1394 today to learn more about the types of services we provide.