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Wellness Therapy Austin

If you need effective treatment for your addiction, Sage Recovery is ready to provide. Our wellness therapy in Austin is unparalleled in terms of effectiveness and long-term reliability. We handle even the more severe cases of addiction, helping our patients to embrace a healthier lifestyle fast through our comprehensive wellness therapy with holistic roots.

The benefits of enrolling in our wellness treatment are immense:

1. Immediate stabilization and recovery

Our Austin dual diagnosis treatment centers offer detox and medical assistance for co-occurring disorders as an integral part of our recovery system. We create targeted medication strategies based on your clinical profile to:

  • Flush the substance from your system
  • Restore the balance and healthy functioning of the nervous system
  • Rebalance your behavior
  • Help you overcome withdrawal as painless as possible
  • Increase your mental comfort during detox
  • Diagnose and treat co-occurring mental disorders, etc.

This approach will allow your body to begin the recovery process, as your mind stabilizes and starts to heal.

2. Managing co-occurring disorders

We are a high-profile dual diagnosis treatment center offering extensive care for co-occurring disorders like PTSD, OCD, trauma-related issues, depression, anxiety, etc. We know that addressing co-occurring disorders during rehab is essential for a smooth recovery with long-term effects. Our clinicians can prescribe targeted medication plans for long-term management and provide support via IOP and weekly Alumni meetings to help you cope with your problems easier.

3. Making friends and find support

You will meet a lot of people dealing with similar issues at our adult residential and inpatient treatment in Austin, TX, and you will inadvertently make friends along the way. This will prove invaluable over time, as you will support each other throughout the recovery process, making the rehab easier to endure. In many situations, the bonds will carry over to the real world, years after completing the treatment.

4. Embrace a better lifestyle

Our wellness rehabilitation treatment centers around the idea of self-development. The only way to defeat addiction for good and prevent long-term relapse lies in adopting a different lifestyle altogether. You will begin to eat healthier, discover new hobbies and passions, avoid social triggers, get a better job, and repair your family relationships. We aim to help you achieve the best life you can and serve as an example to others facing the same problems.

5. Comprehensive aftercare and assistance

The best aspect of our treatment is that it doesn’t end with the residential program. Many recovering addicts are confused and out of focus after completing the rehab, since they have no idea what to do with their newfound life. This can lead to anxiety, uncertainty, and a lack of confidence, which can serve as triggers over time. Our Alumni program is in place to avoid that.

At Sage Recovery, we’ll help you understand your potential, visualize your goals, and work every day to make them real. Our wellness therapy in Austin is the best dual diagnosis treatment you can find, and it will save your life. Call (512) 306-1394, verify your insurance coverage, and come in for assessment and treatment today!

Wellness Therapy Austin