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Wellness Center Austin

Treating substance addiction is a complex process that can take time. When dealing with aggravated forms of addiction, you need all the help you can get and fast. At Sage Recovery, our wellness center in Austin, deals with all forms of substance addiction from a holistic perspective.

What is holistic rehab?

Most rehab facilities tackle addiction from a conventional perspective, focusing on the symptoms, rather than the patient. This is the main reason why most recovering addicts relapse after completing the treatment, sometimes even years later. Our Austin dual diagnosis treatment centers approach addiction holistically, as we consider the entire addiction as not a disorder but a symptom. It is a symptom of more severe underlying problems, whether they are of physical, psychological, or even spiritual nature.

This philosophy transpires in how we approach the treatment, as we focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit through one all-encompassing system:

  • Treating the body – This involves a variety of procedures aiming to reverse the damages of substance addiction and promote recovery and healing. Some of them include clinical detoxification, patient-oriented medication plans, optimized nutritional intake, gym workouts, Reiki healing, etc.
  • Healing the mind – This area includes a multitude of psychotherapies like CBT, DBT, REBT, counseling sessions, individual and group therapy, family support, etc. It’s also worth noting that we tackle co-occurring disorders at our dual diagnosis treatment center for full mental recovery and healing. The goal is to rebalance the mind and promote confidence, positivity, and self-control; key tools towards achieving long-term sobriety.
  • Uplifting the spirit – The more you get to enjoy life at its face value, the more you’ll understand how damaging addiction is. To promote spiritual health and balance, we offer access to luxury amenities and recreational activities throughout the day. These include music and art therapy, animal therapy, a pool table, horticulture therapy, etc.
  • Personal development assistance – Our adult residential and inpatient treatment in Austin, TX, is just one part of your recovery. To make sure you remain sober over the years, we offer comprehensive aftercare support, teaching you coping skills, and the value of abstinence. Our counselors are here to teach relapse prevention tips, parenting, and coping skills, healthy living, etc.

Join the best holistic rehab program!

If you’re dealing with addiction and withdrawal, you need professional assistance soon. Substance addiction is debilitating, progressive, and chronic, meaning that it will worsen with time. To quit for good and embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle, you need guidance, medical support, and therapeutic assistance. We have the best dual diagnosis treatment center, providing our patients with a serene environment where they can heal and recover safely.

Sage Recovery offers access to the finest wellness center in Austin, where our experts practice patient-oriented procedures for long-term benefits. You no longer need to join ineffective, one-sided treatments that end up wasting your time, money and get you in a worse spot by the end. Call (512) 036-1394, and we’ll discuss your insurance options and treatment-related inquiries! We’re here for you whenever you need us.

Wellness Center Austin