Sage Recovery Villa Typical Day
  • Regaining healthy structure and reengaging in self-care behaviors serve as the foundation for building a life of sobriety and wellness. While in treatment, clients will participate in expertly-designed programming, aimed at empowering clients to replace maladaptive behaviors with behaviors that better align with their personal values and life goals.

  • Weekday programming begins each morning with a mindfulness practice, where clients will set an intention for their day. Clients can participate in acupuncture detoxification, yoga therapy, or meditation after enjoying a nutritious breakfast. Following a morning mindfulness practice, clients can shower and get ready for the day, before beginning a daily psychotherapy process group. Everyone is invited to take a brief break after process group, and then head to the dining room for lunch.

  • After lunch, the clients will attend two hours of psychoeducational group programming and one hour of individual therapy. The psychoeducational programming is an evidenced-based, trauma-informed protocol focused on holistic health for individuals who are in recovery.

  • Each evening, a family-style dinner is served. In an attempt to wind down and process the day, clients will attend a sober support meeting, either in the community or with a speaker brought to the campus.

    As a center that seeks to expand the options for addiction treatment, Sage clients attend both 12-Step and 12-Step Alternative meetings, including SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and Life Ring. Before bed, clients have structured free time, where they’re able to use any of the center’s amenities, reflecting and relaxing before ending the evening.

  • On weekends, programming remains fairly consistent with weekday programming. Psychoeducational groups, process group, and wellness activities are scheduled, plus an opportunity for additional recreational events, along with monthly Family Visitation and the Family Retreat Weekend.