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Introducing the Sage Business Executive (Plus Concierge) Track

Our Business Executive Track Story

Here at Sage, we know that not everyone can unplug for 35 days. Our CEO, Tiffany, encountered this issue while trying to help a family member into treatment.

Her relative was an executive at a particularly demanding time for his company, and knew he could not seek treatment and be without his phone, computer, and other business-related items.

Tiffany did not want this to deter him from getting the support he needed, and so, she helped negotiate with the treatment facility so that he would be able to fulfill important requirements with his company, while still receiving the clinical programming and care in an RTC. Seeing the need, Tiffany knew when she started Sage Recovery Villa that she would create a track for people like her relative, because she saw first hand that work did not need to deter someone from getting help.

Thus, the Business Executive Track was born. This track can accommodate needs for a variety of clients. Maybe a realtor needs to be able to take a chunk of their free time to sign contracts, or the director of a marketing department needs to be able to call and email their team members to review campaign details. Even a graduate student working on a thesis could use the Business Executive Track to research and write.

Our ultimate goal it to make sure that you can focus on yourself and healing, while still doing the work necessary to ensure your success upon completing the program. We do not operate on the old-school belief that somebody “does not care about getting better if they are not willing to risk their businesses or careers.”

To help determine if Sage is the right fit for you or your loved one, reach out to us today.

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A Day at Sage For Business Executives

This is one example of what a day may look like for somebody on the Business Executive Track. As stated above, every client on the Business Executive Track will have a different schedule based on their specific needs.

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  • Recently, Sage supported a high profile client in his journey to recovery, and took the track even further, creating a Business Executive Track + Concierge service.

  • This track takes the original track a step further by allowing for more time and work-related support. This is for those business executives that need to arrange for notaries, attorney meetings, conference calls, Skype sessions and more.

  • Our goal in providing these tracks is to support the client in the completion of their work-related responsibilities, without allowing for that to interfere with the structured clinical programming and the overall residential treatment experience.

  • Because each client on this track will have different needs, each client will partake in a meeting during the admissions process, to create a customized program tailored to fit the needs of the client, while ensuring that none of the clinical value of the program is lost.

  • Once these needs have been assessed and discussed, each client will be given a custom schedule that details/includes the work accommodations.