We believe treatment is more than learning to change unwanted or unhealthy behaviors. Long-term change comes from treating the mind and body collectively. We integrate traditional mental health and substance use treatment with a complete wellness program. We help guide our clients on the path of recovery with warmth and compassion.

We don’t look at the person as their diagnosis or addiction, but as a symptom of something larger. Long before substance use was a problem, it was the solution. At Sage Recovery, we are dedicated to helping clients understand what their substance use may have been the solution to and empowering them to heal and rebuild by exploring the underlying issues. By digging deeper, we can get to the crux of the problem, instead of putting a bandage over problematic symptoms.

Our programs and services are modeled after research-based treatment modalities to ensure we provide the most current and effective methods. Additionally, our outpatient therapy groups sizes are intentionally small, between 6 to 8 members, and we have no more than 15 clients in our residential program. Keeping numbers small allows us to provide the highest quality of care to each of our clients.

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