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Treatment For Depression Austin

Depression has a significant impact on both the physical and emotional well-being of the patient. It does not just affect the health of the patient, but it also affects their daily activities, quality of life, and ability to function optimally in the society.

When people have a mental health condition such as depression, with an associated substance use disorder, they are said to have a Dual Diagnosis or a Co-Occurring Disorder. This occurs because many people with depression help themselves with alcohol or drugs, which makes matters worse, and eventually leads to addiction.

Sage Recovery & Wellness Treatment Center is a dual diagnosis treatment center where a person can receive treatment for depression in Austin. This center, located in Austin, Texas, is designed to provide the level and type of support needed for a person with a dual diagnosis. Contact Sage Recovery and Wellness to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or verify your insurance: (512) 306-1394|

Early detection, intervention, and treatment for depression can help reduce the emotional and financial burden of depression on both the patient and the care-givers, and below are reasons to receive treatment for depression at a dual diagnosis treatment center.


Evaluation by Licensed Psychiatric Physician Before Admission

Depression is a symptom of so many illnesses, and the cause can vary from drug addiction to trauma. Treatment for depression can only be given when the root cause is known. A dual diagnosis treatment center has a licensed psychiatric professional who can find the root cause of the depression and treat it appropriately.

Depression Increases Susceptibility to Addiction

Some people with depression try to suppress their symptoms by depending on alcohol and drugs and, and this puts them at high risk for addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment centers are well equipped to give the best dual diagnosis treatment to clients with a co-occurring disorder.

Sage Recovery and Wellness Center, Austin, is an ideal diagnosis treatment facility that has therapists who understand and address mental health problems, like depression, that can contribute to a substance use disorder. To get the best treatment for depression in Austin, contact Sage Recovery and Wellness to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or verify your insurance: (512) 306-1394| 

Provision of Trauma-Informed Care

People who have experienced trauma at some point in their lives are more likely to face mental health challenges like depression, drug use, etc. Those traumatic experiences can affect the ability of an individual to seek help and sustain recovery. The effect of the trauma can color the way the individual sees and experiences the world.

Sage Recovery offers Trauma-informed care, which is person-centered, recognizing that traditional approaches may re-traumatize individuals, thereby focusing on the improvement of the overall well-being of an individual.

Provision of Integrated Treatment

When an individual seeks treatment at a dual diagnosis treatment center, they stand the best chances of getting the healthy life they deserve.

Most Austin dual diagnosis treatment centers have integrative treatment services whereby they provide services based on the need of the client. Their treatment services include the use of therapies, medications, and activities.

The treatment plan of dual diagnosis centers includes diagnosis, treatment plan, personal therapy, group therapy, family therapy, aftercare plan, aftercare services, and support. They offer lifestyle changes by helping clients improve their:

  • Sleeping habits,
  • Communication skills,
  • Eating behaviors,
  • Family relationships,
  • Work-related issues, etc.

For example, a person with depression who has become obese due to a bad eating behavior will benefit from lifestyle changes that can aid weight loss.

Availability of Residential and Outpatient Options

Sage Recovery & Wellness Center offers both residential and outpatient treatment to clients.

Sage Recovery Villa is a 15-bed luxury residential treatment center, which offers the finest adult residential and inpatient treatment in Austin, TX. The Villa has a beautiful interior and exterior space. It has luxurious bedrooms, a beautiful meeting space, an outdoor pool, and also a barn. Sage Recovery Villa is dedicated to empowering each client to start the journey of achieving personal wellness as each client is viewed as a unique individual.

An aftercare plan is essential for the patient after recovery, and so, after residential treatment, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is recommended for a client’s continuation of their treatment. Each recommendation is made based on the client’s individual needs.

To know more about these options for treatment for depression in Austin, contact Sage Recovery and Wellness to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or verify your insurance: (512) 306-1394|

Treatment For Depression Austin