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I am committed to helping people (re)discover meaning and purpose, overcome substance misuse and find long-term recovery.

Prior to entering graduate school in social work in 2019, I pursued a two-decade career as an engineer. As a professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UT-Austin from 2006-2019, I was a leading educator, mentor, researcher, and public figure in my field. My search for meaning and purpose led me through a battle with addiction and toward a new career path that centers my desire to help people as I have been helped. To that end, I obtained my Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) from UT-Austin in 2021.

I am humanistic and person-centered in my approach to counseling. That means that I strive to build strong therapeutic partnerships centered on mutual respect, kindness, and dignity. Although I employ a range of modalities, including cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies (CBT and DBT), my passion for the beauty and power of the spoken and written word attracts me to solution-focused and narrative approaches. For example, I may help my client re-author aspects of their life story to uncover a more authentic, empowering narrative.