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Dr. Scott Jurica MS, DC, PAK, ACN

Dr. Scott Jurica Holistic Doctor

Not only am I a holistic doctor, but I am a husband, a brother, a father, a friend.  I have been hurt, I have watched loved ones die too early and too quickly to cancer.  I have been over weight, over tired and at times not sure what I wanted to do in life.  I’ve questioned myself way too many times and put way too much pressure on myself.  I, too, am human.

My journey into this work actually started pretty simple when I was very young when some of my family told me, “Hey you’re smart.  You should be a doctor”.   I also realized I have various types of doctors in my family.  My great grandmother was even a midwife so I think it’s in my blood.

I also grew up as an overweight child and I was made fun of all the time.  With the help (force) of my mom (she told me I would have a heart attack if I didn’t lose weight…talk about a fun discussion as a 3rd grader…) I started to eat better. I lost weight and also got into sports (well forced again…I was insanely shy as a kid and was so upset I had to do sports) which I ended up loving and excelling in through out school.  As I felt better both on the inside and out about who I was, I became more and more excited on being a doctor.

In college, I doubted myself wondering if I would be good enough as my cousin who was and still is one of the most amazing doctors, and even quit after finishing my pre-med college courses with a 4.0.  I left thinking I would never be a doctor because I thought I didn’t want to be.

Without going into exhaustive detail, I soul searched…a lot, some times coming to a dead end.  I finally came back full circle realizing I only had to be the best I could be and to run my own race.   I chose natural therapies as my focus for one main reason:  I couldn’t live with myself  operating on someone or giving a medication if there was something out there naturally that would help them.  I am not anti-drug but I am pro health.  This is what made sense to me and if they needed medication or surgery, then I would find the best doctor for them and they will be ready in every other aspect of their health.  My passion ignited again for this work ,and I went to complete my studies in Chiropractic school, my masters in nutrition with a focus on evidence-based medicine, and well over 800 hours of post graduate work.

I opened up my first practice in NYC and loved it. We grew an exciting, fun practice with many wonderful patients.  I met my wife and we soon had our son.  We wanted to get closer to family so we moved back to Texas and now live in Austin.  Due to all of this, a large portion of my practice is virtual so I can work with anyone almost anywhere.

My goal for my patients is to be unapologetically authentic. I will tell you exactly what I think and how I think I could help or not help.  My practice isn’t for everyone and that’s not the goal.  I truly think I can help everyone is some way but this is not up to me.  If you are ready to be helped or want to work on your health to not get sick, I am here and I am ready.  All you have to do is reach out.