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Blake Goldstein

Blake Goldstein Admissions Coordinator

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Blake’s own recovery journey led her to Austin, TX. “My life today is so much brighter than it ever was. What I lacked was my sense of self and now I have the tools to stay healthy. I know what it’s like to feel lost. Now I’m on the path of finding myself. Helping our clients find their purpose and joys in life again is the ultimate reward for me. My goal is to let our clients know that there is hope and it IS possible to obtain mental wellness and recovery, to be happy. I now have two years in recovery from substance use and never thought I would make it and feel the way I do now.”

Blake Goldstein brings a great amount of compassion and warmth to the care she gives to our clients. In her free time, she loves spending quality time with her friends, doing puzzles, and relaxing at home with her cat, Grizz.