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It feels like almost everyone is already setting their new year’s resolutions or goals they’d like to accomplish in 2018. While most goals are positive changes like getting more sleep, saving money, or getting healthier, according to US News, roughly 80% of resolutions fail by the second week in February. Instead of give you a foul-proof plan for your 2018, we want to provide you with some realistic intentions moving into 2018.
1. Reflect and celebrate the year that has passed.
All too many times, we are our own worst critics; Be kind to yourself and recognize that you’ve already achieved a lot this past year! Make a list of the things you’ve completed; Things such as finally taking that trip you’ve always wanted or let’s be real, sometimes just getting around to organizing that spare closet space is a big accomplishment!
2. Release thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you.
Easier said than done, but start practicing positive thinking and change your reactions to frustration situations. For example, congested traffic is always an annoyance. Take that time to listen to a favorite podcast or a book-on-tape to help pass the time.
3. Set clear intentions for the year ahead.
Writing down clear, measurable intentions makes them much more attainable than goals. For example, stating, ” I want to drink more water.” is different from stating, ” I want to drink at least 100 ounces of water daily.” Whatever your intentions are for 2018, make sure to be specific with them and give yourself some leniency to achieve them; nobody is perfect and completion takes time. (Read more about how to make your 2018 intentions SMART in a post by our CEO here.)
4. Invite the powerful energy of attraction to manifest your desires.
Someone once said, “speak it into existence and it shall be yours”. While this is a great concept, you’ll most likely have to put forth a little more effort. We believe in share, amplify, and multiply. If you’re comfortable with sharing your intentions with friends or family, do so! ask them to help you stay focused in the coming year. When two or more minds connect with an idea at the same time, the power of the idea becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts.
Keep in mind that there is not rule book to setting your own intentions for the coming year. Everyone is looking to accomplish something slightly different and these four steps may not be in this exact order, but if you can stick to it, know that your overall wellness can improve by leaps and bounds!