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Residential Treatment Centers Texas

Substance addiction can be devastating long-term, especially after reaching more advanced stages. If you’re facing any type of addiction, you need to start looking for residential treatment centers in Texas fast. At Sage Recovery, we offer residential treatment and medical services at the highest standards in the industry.

What to expect in residential treatment?

Our residential program has a unique approach to addiction. Rather than addressing the symptoms, we focus on the underlying causes of the problem to provide complete recovery and sustained sobriety over time. To achieve that, we have designed a comprehensive recovery program that brings together multiple tools and procedures.

The rehabilitation process works in stages:

  • Initial discussion and clinical assessment – In the initial phase, you will discuss with one of our experts over the phone about insurance coverage and treatment options. With everything cleared out, you’ll arrive at our center and undergo the clinical assessment to determine your health status and symptoms.
  • Detox and stabilization – The detoxification process is the beginning of our Austin recovery and addiction treatment. It involves using targeted medication and 24/7 supervision as you overcome withdrawal and become more stable and controlled.
  • Dual diagnosis assistance – At this stage, we offer clinical and psychiatric assistance in case you’re dealing with co-occurring disorders. These may include conditions like PTSD, mental or emotional trauma, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. Addressing these problems during rehab will support a speedy recovery with long-lasting benefits.
  • Psychotherapy and counseling – Our Austin rehab center offers extensive therapy sessions and counseling to promote stability, positivity, confidence, and self-development. Here we include individual therapy, group therapy, family assistance, couples therapy, etc.
  • The Wellness Program – The Wellness Program relies on a holistic approach to deal with disorders of the body, mind, and spirit. It relies on targeted medication plans, nutritional evaluation and optimization, structural evaluation, and private Wellness sessions.
  • Relapse education and aftercare support – At our Austin drug rehabilitation center, we offer extensive relapse education and guidance to prevent long-term relapse and promote healthy living. We have a team of professional counselors working with all our clients both during the residential treatment and the IOP and Alumni.
  • Specialized treatment programs – Our rehabilitation treatment incorporates different programs designed to address specific categories of individuals with unique needs. Here we include couples, the Business Executive Program, and the Professionals Program, all ideal for individuals who cannot skip their social or professional obligations during treatment.

What is the best residential rehab program?

The most effective residential program is the one that relies on a multi-disciplinary approach. Our drug rehab in Austin, TX, brings together multiple disciplines from medicine, ancient healing, psychiatry, psychology, and healthy living to deliver the most reliable recovery system. We aim to offer our patients the tools to remain sober over the years and pursue a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle as a result.

Contact Sage Recovery at (512) 306-1394 to verify your insurance and help our professionals understand your situation! You can then come into our residential treatment centers in Texas and begin your recovery journey as soon as possible.

Residential Treatment Centers Texas