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Outpatient Mental Health Austin Tx

Mental health problems are common with victims of substance addiction, especially when considering advanced stages of intoxication. At Sage Recovery, we offer outstanding programs for inpatient and outpatient mental health in Austin, TX, to speed up recovery and promote healthy living.

Outpatient treatment for dual diagnosis

Our Austin dual diagnosis treatment centers offer continuous medical and psychiatric support to people struggling with co-occurring mental issues. The outpatient program functions as a step-down from inpatient rehab, allowing our experts to prolong the treatment and ensure a smooth transition towards a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. Addressing the mental health issues during rehab is imperative for the success of the treatment.

To help patients recover, we offer multiple treatment options, each with its own impact. These include:

  • Targeted medication plans – Our medical experts diagnose and identify the disorders, then prescribe a targeted medication plan spanning throughout the treatment and possibly beyond. This will help you find relief from the pain and distress coming with your disorders and even manage them long-term.
  • Therapy and counseling – While in the outpatient program, you will visit our dual diagnosis treatment center three hours a day for at least three days per week for therapy and counseling. You will undergo specific procedures like dialectical behavioral therapy, grief and loss counseling, art and music therapy, psychodrama and process groups, etc.
  • Personal development support – Our adult residential and inpatient treatment in Austin, TX, will take you through a journey of self-discovery, improving your self-esteem, positivity, and confidence. This strategy will carry over to the IOP, where our counselors offer coping skills guidance, life skills advice, and support on dealing with co-occurring disorders daily.

If you have already received treatment for substance addiction and co-occurring disorders in an inpatient environment, you need to follow it up with IOP. The intensive outpatient program is a critical addition to the treatment, as it keeps adding to the foundation that you’ve built through residential treatment.

Is the outpatient treatment effective?

Seeing how most drug and alcohol addicts also battle often severe mental health issues, the IOP is vital for the success of their recovery. Studies show that many recovering addicts fail to remain sober long-term as they relapse one year or more into their release. That’s mostly due to untreated mental health disorders, which impact their ability to remain sober and composed along the way.

Our outpatient program carries over the residential treatments to a more time-permissible form of treatment. This will allow you to fulfill your social, educational, and personal obligations while receiving maintenance treatment along the way. The IOP is necessary to manage your addiction-related mental disorders and promote sobriety and healthy living in the long run.

If you’re dealing with substance addiction or co-occurring mental health issues, visit Sage Recovery today. We offer services for outpatient mental health in Austin, TX, through the best dual diagnosis treatment you can find. With our help, you will manage your addiction effectively, treat and overcome mental issues, and rediscover a new, better path in life for you and your family.

Outpatient Mental Health Austin Tx