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Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Austin

If you’ve been fighting addiction for a long time, you may also have developed co-occurring disorders that you may not even know about. To prevent them from aggravating, we invite you to Sage Recovery, where you can join our outpatient dual diagnosis treatment in Austin today. But do you qualify for inpatient treatment, or are you good with outpatient care, and how do you find out?

Who needs inpatient treatment?

The residential rehab program is perfect for individuals struggling with severe addiction and aggravated mental disorders. Their condition is more volatile and can degenerate fast when lacking proper treatment. The residential program offers the tools, setting, and services necessary for effective rehab and sustained sobriety, making it the perfect choice in this scenario.

Some of the procedures that you will be going through in our residential/inpatient treatment include:

  • Customized detoxification – The detox process is paramount for overcoming withdrawal and preventing short-term relapse. It relies on targeted medication to cleanse the body of toxins, rewire the nervous system, and stabilize your mental and emotional functioning.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Our Austin dual diagnosis treatment centers offer dual diagnosis care as soon as you begin the rehab process. We offer medication plans, therapy, and around-the-clock assistance to minimize the impact of co-occurring disorders and set you on the road to recovery.
  • Therapy and psychological support – Our dual diagnosis treatment center relies on therapy sessions and counseling to promote mental stability long-term. At our facility, you participate in individual and group therapy and specific villa activities (animal therapy, pool games, gym workouts, yoga) to promote a more balanced state of mind.
  • Education and self-development support – The later stage of our adult residential and inpatient treatment in Austin, TX, includes aftercare counseling, personal development support, and promoting a healthier lifestyle. This is when we set you for upcoming stages of recovery (PHP, IOP, Alumni).

This form of treatment is necessary for individuals who are unable to take care of themselves anymore. Whether it’s because of their addiction or severe co-occurring disorders, our team of professionals can handle the situation just the same.

Who needs IOP treatment?

The Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a step-down phase from residential rehab. It is primarily perfect for patients who have completed the inpatient treatment and now look to transition to a low-level care program. The IOP allows you to slowly transition towards a normal lifestyle, as you no longer need to spend your nights at our facility. You will still need to visit our center for treatment and therapy, but you will no longer require 24/7 supervision.

Whether you need residential and inpatient treatment in Austin, TX, or just outpatient dual diagnosis treatment in Austin, our center is ideal for you. We treat people of all ages, no matter how severe their problems are or how difficult the recovery process.

At Sage Recovery, we offer the best dual diagnosis treatment, outstanding care and support, and unparalleled aftercare for long-term benefits. With our help, you can leave addiction in the past; call us at (512) 3061394, and let’s get it started!

Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Austin