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Mental Health Austin

Sage Recovery and Wellness is known to provide services to promote the best mental health in Austin. Recovering from addiction is an overwhelming battle that brings on stress and anxiety. When treating the symptoms of addiction, it is essential to treat the mental health of a patient. Mental health matters just as much, if not more, than physical wellness and fitness. Speaking with an Austin mental health expert from Save Recovery and Wellness can provide relief from the burdens that weigh on your shoulders.

At Sage Recovery and Wellness, we proudly offer both addiction treatments and mental health treatment in Austin, TX, for adults and adolescents.  Inpatient and outpatient treatment options are available for everyone to enjoy, such as fitness groups. Attacking the root of addiction from all corners is the best course of action to prevent future relapses. Taking charge of your life starts with stepping into a new way of thinking that avoids addictive behaviors, mental triggers, and other potential problems.

Austin, TX Mental Health Treatment for Men and Women

In the recovery programs offered by Sage Recovery and Wellness, we use a thirty-five-day dual diagnosis treatment program that is based on facts and evidence. Our approach to trauma-related mental health treatments focuses on holistic options, as well as twelve-step courses. By offering a wide variety of psychological and physical therapies, our team at Sage Recovery and Wellness can promote the success of our patients in the long run.

Dual diagnosis treatment in Austin is more common than you might think. Dual diagnosis is when addictive behaviors or activities are diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder. Mental illness and addiction are diagnosed together because mental illness can influence addictive characteristics or actions. People diagnosed with mental illnesses are far more likely to fall into addictive tendencies or patterns. Mental health and addiction treatment facilities have molded together to treat patients who need it the most successful way possible.

Incomplete Treatment Without Mental Healthcare

Mental healthcare matters when treating any medical condition, including addiction. Through individual and group therapy sessions, patients at Safe Recovery and Wellness can identify the root and triggers related to their situations. Structural evaluations are conducted for all patients to help enhance their level of success in the future.

Building your plan of action on an unstable foundation will likely result in your life structure to crumble. At our facility, we can help you learn to identify your behaviors and triggers, as well as give you tools to take on these matters by yourself. When a patient leaves inpatient treatments, they can expect to have the tools required to achieve their goals.

Fast Insurance Verification Process or Addiction Treatment Queries

If you have questions or want to speak with a mental health addiction treatment expert, you should contact us at Sage Recovery and Wellness by calling 512-306-1394. You can explore your mental health and addiction treatment options with our team of trained professionals, or you can verify your insurance coverage and information with our staff.

Mental Health Austin