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Iop Austin

If you’ve completed a form of residential rehab treatment, joining an IOP in Austin should be your next move. At Sage Recovery, we offer Austin IOP as part of an integral rehab treatment spanning over several months and promoting recovery, sobriety, and healthy living.

How does IOP work?

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) functions as a step-down from residential care. It is ideal for those who don’t need 24/7 supervision and who have already completed the initial stage of treatment (detoxification, advanced therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and treatment, etc.) Once you’ve become stable enough to control your cravings and behavior, you need to join the IOP for the follow-up.

Our Intensive Outpatient treatment in Austin, TX, promotes healthy and sober living via a variety of long-term strategies. These include:

  • Daily and weekly meetings for therapy and counseling
  • Long-term medication plans for dealing with co-occurring disorders
  • Couples and family counseling
  • Regular psychiatric and medical evaluations
  • Drug and alcohol screenings to ensure you’re on the right path
  • Sobriety reinforcement and personal development support
  • Weekly dual-diagnosis treatment sessions, etc.

IOP doesn’t involve any overnight stays, allowing you to attend to your family, social, or professional obligations while continuing the recovery program. It is essential as a component of continued care, along with Partial-Hospitalization Program and Alumni.

Is IOP rehab effective?

Yes, but not on its own. The Intensive Outpatient Program isn’t 100% reliable as a standalone rehabilitation treatment. Our Intensive Outpatient in Austin is part of an overarching rehab protocol that begins with personalized detox and advanced residential care. Only after you’ve achieved a more balanced state of mind and you’ve completed, the detox treatment will you qualify for IOP, and that’s when our Austin Intensive Outpatient becomes vital.

We believe that having a fleshed-out aftercare strategy is paramount for the success of the recovery. Many patients relapse soon after completing residential/inpatient care and, in most scenarios, is because they don’t follow it up with some form of aftercare. Our professionals offer extensive aftercare support via our IOP, which includes therapy, counseling, life advice, relapse prevention support, and more.

When to join IOP?

If you’re dealing with a form of substance addiction, you should consider enrolling in our residential treatment fast. There’s no telling how severe your problem is until you show up for the screening and medical assessment. Only after completing our residential program will you be fit for the follow-up IOP in Austin. The benefits of detoxing and recovery in a high-end facility are immense and include:

  • Professional care under the supervision of qualified experts
  • Participating in certified rehab programs
  • Luxury amenities for comfort and peace of mind
  • Effective detoxification services
  • Relapse prevention and education
  • Aftercare planning for long-term recovery and sobriety
  • Making friends along the way for emotional and spiritual support, etc.

At Sage Recovery, we offer the best Austin, TX, residential and outpatient treatment you can get. We are a family of compassionate and experienced professionals dealing with all forms of substance addiction fast and effectively. Call us at (512) 306-1394, and let’s get it started!

Iop Austin