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Through movement, breath, relaxation and meditation in Yoga Therapy we are able to tap into the mind and body connection to relieve some of the suppressed pain.

Since the last two decades, yoga classes have become popular for many that wish to balance their mind, body and spirit. It has become a staple in hospitals, wellness centers and rehabilitation facilities as well. Sage Recovery & Wellness center offers group and individual Yoga Therapy which focuses on gentle movement, breath and awareness.

It offers many benefits to people facing a variety of health conditions such as substance abuse and chronic pain. Yoga Therapy addresses stress, insomnia, nausea, pain and fatigue, as well as to improve an overall sense of well-being.

The more we learn about chronic pain, the more we understand the importance of mind-body process. Our bodies are influenced not only by physical illness and injury but also by our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, past trauma and our level of stress which may start acute level but progresses to chronic level over time. Through movement, breath, relaxation and meditation in Yoga Therapy we are able to tap into the mind and body connection to relieve some of the suppressed pain.

Yoga Therapy not only helps with stress management but pain management as well which is intensified when we are under stress. Simply, deep, full breathing exercises promote more oxygen to reach muscles which help relax the tense muscles that tighten with stress. More oxygen in the body means you are able to release toxins, tension and anxiety from your body.

Yoga Therapy also allows us to understand the difference between pain and suffering. Pain is an emotional or physical hurt, whereas suffering is how our mind reacts to the pain. In our chronic pain outpatient program at Sage Recovery, we also teach the same philosophy with regards to substance abuse. Learning to develop new holistic relationship with our body and strengthen the connection of mind with our body, we are able to grow healthier and work with our bodies instead of against them.

Yoga Therapy not only helps manage our physical pain but also the mental and emotional stress that intensifies the tension in our bodies. It helps us slow down our breathing and be more aware of our bodies, reacting less and understanding more. Unlike pain pills, which over time one will build tolerance and will continue to increase in dosage to get the same effect, Yoga Therapy becomes more effective over time as it creates balance and well-being.

Senior-Woman-in-Yoga-class-2 Sage Recovery is offering a variety of individual and group Yoga Therapy sessions focused on people in recovery.

Individual yoga has a wide variety of times throughout the day and evening.  Group yoga classes are available currently on Wednesday evenings 5-6pm and Lunch time yoga classes are available 12-1 on Wednesday and Thursdays. Check back often for newly added classes!

Angela Gurerro is our Certified Yoga Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor who conducts group and individual Yoga Therapy classes in our large meeting room overlooking the serene hill country views.