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Executive Addiction Center Austin

Substance abuse does not have any socioeconomic preference. The truth is, a blue-collar employee and an executive in charge of a multi-national corporation can both struggle as much with an alcohol or drug addiction. An executive addiction center in Austin provides executives with a place where they can seek help. It’s not unusual for a professional to put work first before getting treatment. They have the notion that a project or business will suffer if they were to take time off. In addition, the fear of losing their job or money surpasses the need for recovery. At Sage Recovery and Wellness, we believe that you should not be torn between choosing your job and sobriety. These two important things can work well in tandem.

Reasons Why Executives Choose Us for Addiction Treatment

Being admitted to an addiction treatment center for the inpatient option can literally cut you off from the rest of the world. The fact is, it may be difficult for business executives to unplug from their workplace for a 30-day program. The good news is, receiving treatment in our premier executive drug rehab center allows you to work and recover at the same time. At our facility, you’ll have access to your phone, laptop, and conference rooms where you can remain dedicated to your professional life. Here are more reasons why executives come to us for addiction treatment:

  • We Maintain Your Privacy

Rehab is like any other medical treatment meaning it’s confidential. In our Austin rehab, we will accord you the privacy and discretion you need for both your professional and personal life. You will also get attended to in a private environment that is far away from the spotlight. This guarantees that your reputation, both personal and career, remains shielded from the public eye. 

  • Our Amenities are Unmatched

Amenities are an integral part of substance abuse detox and treatment for executives. Our treatment programs have business amenities for the busy executive. We have workspaces, meeting rooms, phone, and internet access to allow you to continue operating your business while working through your treatment. We also have private rooms furnished comfortably, catered healthy meals, seclusion, and the ability to contact colleagues to maintain the workflow. 

  • Tailored Medical Treatment

We are aware that every client in our executive addiction program has different work-related needs. Due to this, you will have an in-depth discussion with our physician while you’re getting admitted so that we can create a customized program for you without watering down the effects of the treatment. Most business executives face stress daily, which can aggravate the addiction. With that in mind, we’ll help you learn how to deal with executive burnout to avoid a relapse. 

  • Quality Treatment

The goal of getting admitted to a top drug and alcohol addiction rehab center is to access treatment for your substance use disorder. We operate under the psychologically proven assumption that addiction is mostly a symptom of an underlying condition. Our professionals will work with you to get to and address the root cause of the addiction. We have made offering quality addiction treatment our core business. 

Reach Out to Us Today

Through personal experience, mostly from our founder, we have seen how important it is to have an executive addiction center in Austin to cater to the executives who are always on the move. In our treatment facility, you’ll have time to make conference calls, facilitate meetings with lawyers, attend in-person meetings, and perform other duties as you continue with your addiction treatment. Contact Sage Recovery and Wellness to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or verify your insurance on (512) 306-1394.

Executive Addiction Center Austin