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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Austin

Most people suffering from substance addiction also deal with co-occurring mental disorders, which prevent them from sobering up. At Sage Recovery, we know that co-occurring illnesses often trigger addiction and will severely impair the addict’s ability to recover and remain sober long-term. If you’re looking for dual diagnosis treatment centers in Austin, we invite you to come to our facility for assessment and treatment planning.

Our Austin dual diagnosis treatment centers are ideal for dealing with all forms of drug and alcohol addiction, along with the aggravated mental disorders that come with them. The benefits of getting treatment for your co-occurring mental issues at our center are immense:

1. Faster recovery

We address mental health problems via customized medication plans, therapy, counseling, and around-the-clock medical supervision. The goal is to stabilize your mind and behavior, allowing you to recover faster and begin the healing process. By addressing the co-occurring disorders at the beginning of the treatment, we also reduce the risk for relapse and make the entire recovery process smoother and more comfortable.

2. A more painless recovery experience

Few people become addicted to drugs or alcohol without having some underlying issues that they’re dealing with bellow the surface. Problems like bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, and others, can cause significant amounts of stress and suffering. We have a team of Austin dual diagnosis psychiatrists providing clinical assistance and support in dealing with aggravated co-occurring disorders. The goal is to minimize the pain and suffering and allow our patients to recover faster.

3. Provide knowledge and create habits

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, OCD, or any other mental disorder, you may have run out of options trying to find a solution to your problems. Our experienced clinicians and counselors will get to the bottom of the problem, assess its profile, and come out with relevant solutions. This way, you will find out more about the issues you’re facing and how to handle them long-term for a more stable, sober, and fulfilling lifestyle.

4. Preventing long-term relapse

Untreated co-occurring disorders can and will cause former addicts to relapse at some point in their lives. In many situations, that can happen after years of uninterrupted sobriety, which makes the failure that much more heartbreaking. The goal of our dual diagnosis rehab in Austin, TX, is to provide you with the tools to handle your co-occurring issues effectively over the years. This will help you prevent relapse and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

5. Building a community

You are not the only one dealing with co-occurring disorders; other people face worse situations daily. At our dual diagnosis and recovery facility, we have created a community of people with similar problems, all supporting one another throughout the recovery treatment and beyond. The bonds that they’re forming will carry over to their normal lives, some lasting for a lifetime.

At Sage Recovery, we have the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Austin. Call us at (512) 306-1394, and we’ll discuss the treatment and insurance options today!

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Austin