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Drug Rehab Austin

Sage Recovery is a top-rated drug rehab in Austin with excellent residential, outpatient, and continuing care programs. With luxury accommodations and amenities, our drug rehab in Austin, TX, offers the perfect ambiance for healing and recovery.

Steps involved in our Austin recovery and addiction treatment

We follow a holistic treatment approach to help our clients overcome addiction, identify the imbalances in the mind, body, and soul, and correct them through appropriate treatments and therapies. During the intake and admissions phase, we conduct a comprehensive physical and mental health evaluation of our patients. Based on the results of the exam, our experts devise a customized treatment plan to address the unique recovery needs of each client for maximum effect.

The treatment begins with detox, which helps flush out the toxic remains caused by long term addiction. After detox, we will engage you in counseling sessions and psychotherapy programs with our psychiatrists. These sessions help us identify and address your underlying cause of addiction. We also conduct group therapy programs and support group sessions to help you embrace sobriety with peer support. After completing your rehab program, we continue to offer supervision and support through our continuing care programs. These programs play an integral role in helping you prevent relapse after finishing the treatment.

Importance of continuing care programs 

Continuing care programs are crucial to prevent relapse after rehab. They create accountability in recovering addicts and helps strengthen their commitment to sobriety in the long term. We offer the best ongoing care programs, where we engage our clients in a series of counseling sessions, individual and group therapy programs.

Our aftercare programs offer you a window to discuss the challenges you face in your recovery journey with a licensed treatment specialist. Furthermore, you can use these sessions to seek guidance from our therapist on overcoming triggering situations and cravings in everyday situations. Our professional therapists will equip you with essential skills and tools to lead a healthy, gratifying, and drug-free life.

What makes our Austin rehab center unique?

Once you decide to join a rehab, it is crucial to choose the right facility to garner the best treatment outcome. Here are some of the unique features that set us apart from other drugs/alcohol rehabs in Austin:

  • Set in a 24-acre country-side estate, our facility offers the perfect ambiance for healing and recovery from dual diagnosis and drug addiction. We also offer the finest accommodation and amenities to help our patients feel comfortable during treatment.
  • We specialize in identifying and treating co-occurring mental health issues, which helps prevent relapse in the long term.
  • Our holistic treatment helps correct physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances for positive, long-lasting effects. This helps our patients attain an overall safe and speedy recovery from addiction.

Contact Sage Recovery at (512) 306-1394 for more details on our drug rehab in Austin. We are the only Austin drug rehabilitation center to offer a business executive rehab treatment exclusively for working professionals with busy schedules.

Drug Rehab Austin