With everything happening in the world right now highlighting uncertainty and bringing forth change, we can all benefit from creating structure and daily routine into our lives.

This is meant to be beneficial and reasonable!

Why add structure to our days?

  • Reduce stress
  • Break old habits
  • Build new healthy habits
  • Save time
  • End procrastination
  • Increase self-confidence

Some tips for adding structure into your life:

  • Create clear and attainable goals
  • Choose to create a routine that includes things you enjoy
  • Write things down, try a weekly planner
  • Allow flexibility
  • Get the sleep you need!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? How we begin our day can play a powerful part in how the rest of the day unfolds. Consider how you begin your day and what little adjustments you can make for a smoother start.

Some advice for starting the day off strong:

  • Say thank you! You are alive!
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Move your body, some light stretches are nice
  • Let emails, texts, and social media keep sleeping for another 20 minutes while you get going

Let’s take advantage of this time in our lives to start fresh with some good habits and find ways to nourish ourselves. Be creative and give this a try for a week to see the benefits for yourself!