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Ways to Practice Gratitude: 7 Day Challenge

forest sunset in autumn - gratitude

We know  the holidays is a time-period when most try to step back and be grateful for the things in their lives. While we love how the holidays can put things into perspective, we challenge you to practice gratitude throughout the whole year as part of your self care. Start with this 7 day challenge:

Day One

Send a loved one some flowers just because!

Day Two

 Hand-write cards to five people who have helped you in the past.

Day Three

Leave a server a big tip.

Day Four

Clean the house for a roommate or significant other.

Day Five 

Bring some homemade treats to your co-workers.

Day Six

Reach out to someone that’s had a big influence in your life.

Day Seven

Cook a nice meal for your best friend.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with gratitude as well! We go too often without taking care ourselves. Get a new hair cut, buy a new clothing item you really want to treat yourself to a facial. Enjoy this season of gratitude and be kind to yourself and others! From all of us at Sage Recovery and Wellness.