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Tips to Improve Sleeping Patterns

We’re all told to get more sleep; Our families, friends and doctors all express the importance of getting more sleep. Did you know however, certain habits and patterns are keeping us from getting the optimum amount of sleep?! With today being World Sleep Day, we wanted to give you a few tips in order to capitalize on all your Zzz’s.

Develop your Sleep Routine

We know that days can run long and at times, be unpredictable, but training your body to shut down in the evening at a specific time is an important step.  As hard as it can be to pull yourself out of bed in the morning, a specific time in the AM is also vital.

Avoid Light; Specifically White Light

Bright light emitted, may act as an environmental cue to your body that it is wrongly day time, and therefore hinder any biological desire to fall asleep. If you can avoid watching TV or checking that last email on your phone before bed, do so! Not only that, but make your bedroom as dark as possible. This will help you fall asleep faster.

Incorporate Relaxing Activities 1 Hour Before Bed Time

Habits such as therapeutic coloring, reading or listening to music have all been found in studies to help the brain unwind and release stress just before bedtime. Try each one of these to figure out what works best for your body and mind!