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Spiritual Wisdom with Shamanic Journeys 6-Week Class Series

Presented by Octavia Brooks, Shamanic Energy Healer; Hosted by Sage Recovery & Wellness Center

When: 1:30-4:00pm Every Sunday (Except Easter) from March 13-April 24

Cost: $35 in advance, $45 drop in, $180 for series (save 15%)
Location: Sage Recovery & Wellness Center
                7004 Bee Caves Rd. Bld. 2 Suite 200
                Austin, TX 78746

What to Expect:
Gain a long-term tool kit for self-growth and spiritual discovery in this non-denominational class series with guided Shamanic journeys and energy healing. Class format blends teaching and discussion, guided meditations and journeys, partner games, movement, journaling, creativity and Q&A. Students are encouraged to form practice groups at the end of the series.
Benefits from this series:

  • Have more control and tools to accelerate your growth and development.
  • Gain self-awareness to improve your relationships.
  • Feel supported instead of alone with life’s challenges.
  • Get assistance and comfort from the Divine to make life easier.
  • Increase personal power and magnetism.
  • Create community with like-minded folks.


About the facilitator:
Octavia Brooks is a Shamanic Energy Healer, spirit medium and coach. 
Visit her website at for more information.



“Therapeutic value of Shamanic Journeys”

Guest post by Rev. Octavia Brooks, Shamanic Energy Healer

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is part of an indigenous/tribal world-view that is highly integrated across all parts of life.  Tribal peoples believe there are spiritual reasons behind any form of imbalance, whether that is addiction, illness or bad luck.  When they have an imbalance, they visit a Shaman (male or female), who is skilled in many spiritual technologies such as energy healing, talking with spirits, and taking spiritual (ie, Shamanic) journeys on behalf of the patient. 

How can Shamanism Help Me?

The Shamanic journey can also be a guided narrative (similar to guided meditation but more like a story) that the patient participates in to restore balance.  The reason journeys are effective at creating change in the patient’s life is because the narrative format and meditative state of consciousness appeal to the unconscious, allowing old patterns to be re-written.  Patients can have visceral and empowering experiences that couldn’t happen in “waking” life, which build skills for improved attitudes and approaches to life’s challenges. 

The journey format is flexible and can be adapted to achieve many forms of personal development.  The patient can increase their empowerment by invoking helpers and guides, then encountering and overcoming a great fear.  After meeting their guides and allies, the patient can never feel alone again.  The patient can meet, heal and re-integrate important parts of themselves that were lost due to trauma, such as the pure soul underneath the impure self that was abused.  Through the journey experience, the patient can heighten awareness of choice point moments and gain skills for responding instead of reacting.

How does Shamanism help with counseling?

Shamanic Journeys can support and accelerate results from traditional counseling.  Role-playing in counseling is critical for skill-building; in a journey, patients can viscerally experience achieving goals with the new skills, which increases the belief of success and improves outcomes in real life.