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Self-Care: Mindfully Reclaiming Your Time

What is self-care?

Self-care involves valuing your emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. It means taking an active role in bettering your life through activities that make you happy. Any healthy activity that when done results in you feeling better, can be defined as self-care.

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Why do we need self-care?

The importance of a realistic routine

What does self-care look like for you?
Chances are, you are already incorporating self-care into your routine without even noticing. Whether it’s taking a three minute break at work to walk around the building, booking an appointment for a massage, or deciding to eat lunch outside instead of at your desk, options for self-care are endless. If you need some ideas for figuring out your personalized self-care routine, ask yourself the following questions:

EmilyWritten by Emily Keefer, LCSW, ADS

Emily earned her Master of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to receiving her MSSW, Emily gained experience working in the chemical dependency field with individuals experiencing homelessness at an Austin-based non-profit agency. This work helped solidify Emily’s passion for working in the chemical dependency and mental health field and to pursue a master’s degree in clinical social work. Upon graduation, she continued her work in the homeless service sector, focusing on mental health and substance use issues. Emily has received extensive training in Motivational Interviewing, and finds the clinical framework invaluable in her work with clients.

Emily works under the assumption that all individuals have the capacity to self-heal, and that a supportive and respectful therapeutic alliance can be the perfect catalyst for emotional healing and self-growth. Through guided conversation and a personalized and collaborative approach, one can discover why he or she repeatedly falls into the same behavioral, cognitive and emotional patterns and then begin developing practical strategies for choosing to live life differently and become “unstuck”. Emily believes that therapeutic process is an exciting, creative method for self-discovery and building increased satisfaction with life, through the realistic application of self-care and behavioral health coping strategies.

Emily Keefer is an LCSW and ADS, working as a lead therapist at Sage Recovery & Wellness Center in Austin, TX. She is continually working to fine-tune her own self-care routine, so that she can live a more mindful, fun-loving life and better serve her clients and profession.