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Outpatient Facility Provides Vital Support for Addiction & Mental Health


New outpatient drug treatment center opens in Austin

Tiffany Anschutz, CEO and Program Director of Sage Recovery & Wellness Center, an outpatient treatment center for substance abuse newly opened up in Westlake, was interviewed by Jim Bergamo from KVUE.

Tiffany Anschutz  discusses the common relapse that can occur for someone who has gone away to for a 30,60, or a 90 day-rehab. She highly suggests when they return to their home environment where the original triggers likely exist, to enroll in a structured program such as an outpatient program or a peer support group for continued success with their recovery—especially for the first year of recovery.

“Drugs and alcohol aren’t my problem,” she said. “They’re my solution. I use them to change the way I feel.” ~Hope

Outpatient programs can be used in conjunction with an inpatient treatment program or independently for those that prefer to receive help with substance abuse while living at home. Read the entire article at

To read more about the differences between an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and an RTC (Residential Treatment Center), click here.


At Sage Recovery & Wellness Center in Westlake, Austin, TX, our intensive outpatient programs are 20 sessions long and start at 3 days a week and step down to 2 days a week for 7 weeks in addition to a one year after care in which our clients are encouraged to meet weekly at our center and stay in touch with our therapists via our specially designed patient portal. We offer individual, family counseling, Acudetox, Yoga Therapy in addition to our IOP services to get restore life back in order.

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