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New Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse treatment Center in Westlake

Sage Recovery & Wellness Center was featured on front page of Westlake Picayune

Sage Recovery & Wellness Center, CEO, Tiffany Anschutz

Sage Recovery & Wellness Center CEO, Tiffany Anschutz was featured on the front page of the Westlake Picayune on July 31, 2014 for the new dual diagnosis, substance abuse treatment center recently opened in Westlake.

In the article, Tiffany explains how she developed the top-notch, evidence-based programs while ensuring the highest level of client care in an aesthetically pleasing space. Sage’s dual diagnosis tailored groups range from treating eating disorders, chronic pain, depression, anxiety to personality disorders such as bipoloar and self harm.

Given the strong focus of Sage’s tailored programs, individualized attention to clients’ needs and a beautiful, serene location, we look forward to becoming a unique resource for adults and adolescents in the area of Austin.

Read the article for rest of the story on the Austin American-Statesman’s website.