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5 Tips on How to Keep a Gratitude Journal



gratitude journal

 Is focusing on gratitude on your 2015 new years resolution list?

 Here’s 5 tips to get you started on a gratitude journal

Go for depth over breadth. Engage your thoughts about the smaller details about a particular thing for which you’re grateful. This carries more benefits than a superficial list of many general things. Take the time to savor your feelings of gratitude instead of hurrying through the exercise. Make a ritual of it with a cup of tea or light a favorite candle.


gratitude journal1Think about people. Focus on people for whom you are grateful. This has more of an impact than focusing on material things.


Play the What If game. Reflect on what your life would be like without certain blessings and people in your life. What if those luxuries that you take for granted were missing? How would your life be?


Record surprises. Note the unexpected-little and big surprises in your day. Received an unexpected email, phone call, or a text from a friend or loved one thinking about you? A family member helped you without you asking? All these small things are worthy of gratitude.

Journal Weekly. Gratitude journals do not have to be daily to play a significant role in your life. Write once a week for a committed period of time of your choice. Soon, your will create a habit to write down your thoughts of gratitude as you will learn to focus on them more.