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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Austin TX

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis, sometimes referred to as “co-occurring” disorders, refers to a person who suffers from drug or alcohol addiction in conjunction with a mental health or behavioral disorder. A treatment plan that addresses both the chemical dependency and the mental health issue collectively is integral for a permanent recovery from the addiction. Both disorders are treatable illnesses like any physical condition.


How does addiction begin?

Studies have shown a large majority of those suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and mood disorders, use alcohol and drugs as coping mechanisms to mask the symptoms. Self-medicating in this manner may appear to have alleviated the problem for the user for a short time period but eventually the effects of the alcohol or drugs will wear off and only magnifying the mental health issue. As the tolerance builds up day after day, the user becomes completely dependent on the substance to get them by, be it alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs. Over time, this dependence becomes a full blown addiction in addition to the unresolved mental health issues that have usually become worse.

What is the treatment?Group Room

A dual diagnosis program that is evidence based, collectively addressing all aspects of the dual diagnosis will be the best solution for breaking the cycle and learning ways to live a healthier lifestyle. At Sage Recovery & Wellness Center in Austin, Texas, we have dual diagnosis focused groups that have customized, research based curriculum that supports the specific needs of the individual. For instance, the treatment plan we have for an individual with an eating disorder is different in its objectives and therapy modalities than a treatment plan that is customized for an individual with struggling with chronic pain or is self-harming. We have customized group therapy plans for adults and adolescents and our adults groups are further divided in customized groups depending on their needs.

At Sage Recovery & Wellness Center in Westlake, Austin, TX, our intensive outpatient programs are 20 sessions long and start at three days a week and step down to two days a week for eight weeks in addition to a one year after care in which our clients are encouraged to meet weekly at our center and stay in touch with our therapists via our specially designed patient portal. We offer individual, family counseling, Acudetox, Yoga Therapy in addition to our IOP services to get restore life back in order.

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