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Breaking the Mold and Individualizing Programming for Client Care

Breaking the Mold and Individualizing Programming for Client Care

SAGE Recovery Villa and Services will be periodically featuring blogs from other industry professionals about different clinical approaches and techniques. Kyle Infante, Director of Strategic Communications at Infinite Recovery and Forbes Contributor, shares his insights in this month’s feature.

The behavioral healthcare and mental health space has exploded over the past decade. The abundance of providers and open access is incredible for the sheer volume of people that can find their path to recovery. However, many of these programs have similar-to-identical modalities and techniques, which has created a “cookie cutter” model of recovery. The industry has almost become “one size fits all” when it comes to treating people affected by substance use disorder.

There’s a lot to be said for individualizing client care and tailoring programs to better suit clients. Not each and every person will benefit from the exact same type of clinical modalities or approaches, so it becomes vital for continued success that programming be targeted to each individual.

One of SAGE’s biggest benefits is their different tracks. Offering Business Executive tracks where individuals are still actively in the workforce while in a supportive environment to offer an experiential approach to recovery is one of their biggest highlights. Their holistic and innovative programming including talk therapy, psychoeducation on evidenced-based interventions, meditation, qigong, Integrative Holotropic Breathwork, Reiki, dietitian-planned meals and nutrition consultation, acupuncture, yoga, and equine-assisted therapy allow each person who crosses their doorway to find and thrive in their modality of choice.

One point that should be mentioned is SAGE’s open-mindedness when it comes to medication-assisted therapy. For many people entering early recovery, coming off “cold turkey” can be too traumatic and send people back into the addiction cycle. SAGE’s ability to monitor MAT through the residential treatment process with on-site medical staff from start to finish sets them apart from the entire market.

My passion for individualized care comes from my own experience getting sober. I entered a residential treatment center in Austin, TX that focused on individualized programming over five years ago and it saved my life. Had that facility or centers like SAGE not existed, I may not have survived.