Sage Recovery Villa – Luxury Rehab Center

A Private Residential Treatment Center

Sage Recovery Villa is a 35-day, 15-bed luxury residential treatment center for adults struggling with substance use, specializing in the treatment of co-occurring disorders and trauma resolution. Sage Recovery Villa is housed on a serene 24-acre countryside estate, conveniently located just outside of Austin, in Manor, Texas.

We believe that recovery requires treating the mind and body collectively, while deciding to live life differently. Our substance use treatment center in Central Texas integrates traditional substance abuse treatment methods with a complete wellness program, so that individuals can begin to find their own balance; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.



 Mission Statement: To help create and foster long term recovery for adults living with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders by collectively treating the mind and body through evidence-based and trauma-informed holistic interventions.

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Our Promise: Deciding to come to residential treatment can be a difficult decision, and we take that decision very seriously. We’re committed to taking the stigma out of substance use and mental health treatment.  It’s our promise to treat every individual with the highest degree of dignity and respect.

From the initial phone call, to family follow up calls and aftercare planning, we promise to uphold premiere quality of client care, extending courtesy and respect to all involved. Additionally, if we aren’t the best fit for you or your loved one, we’re dedicated to helping you find the program that is.

Holistic Healing: A holistic approach to healing involves looking at whole systems and the interactions and relationship between them, instead of viewing individual pieces of the whole. As Aristotle explained, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  When one part of the whole is not functioning at its best, the whole system is affected.

In relation to mental health, holistic healing engages all aspects of an individual into treatment- mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual- and views each part of the individual as equally important. Sage Recovery Villa is dedicated to empowering each client to start the journey of achieving personal wellness and integration.

Trauma-Focused, Integrative Treatment: We operate under the assumption that substance use is often a symptom of a larger struggle, instead of the original problem. Substance use and other maladaptive behaviors are frequently self-protective actions, stemming from trauma reactions. As humans, we have the unique and inherent ability to heal from overwhelming experiences.

We believe that by exploring the foundations of the hurt with guidance and safety, individuals can make sustaining, integrative change in their recovery. We utilize several approaches for the treatment of trauma, including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, psychoeducation, Integrative Breathwork, Equine-Assisted Therapy, and Psychodrama.

Quality of Care:  Our program is kept small, equipped for 15 clients, to guarantee that no one gets lost in the mix. Sage Recovery Villa’s estate operates as a refuge for individuals in early recovery.

Clients receive premiere addiction treatment, while enjoying spa-like amenities at our private residence. With a maximum census of 15 clients, staff know each client individually, allowing for personalized care and an ideal client to staff ratio.


Our team is here to help you restore peace and maintain a life of sobriety. Contact us for a free assessment.


Sage Recovery Villa operates from a perspective of cultural humility. This means we view each client as a unique individual, and do not make assumptions about an individual’s experience or identity, including things like gender, sexuality, cultural background, or spiritual beliefs.